22-23 August 2019 – 15th APSA Congress 2019 “Livable Cities and Innovation”

The 15th Asian Planning Schools Association – APSA Congress 2019 “Livable Cities and Innovation” has been held at Seoul National University – Seoul, Republic of Korea on last 22-23 August 2019.

The Congress presented keynotes from Sangchuel Choe, Emeritus Professor of GSES SNU, and Assoc. Prof. Jian Liu as President of APSA. The Congress was attended about 200 participants and discussed 6 sub themes i.e. livable city making, inclusive transportation, green infrastructure and resilient city, urban analytics, spatial justice and planning, energy and environmental issues in Asian cities.

Group photo of 15th APSA Congress 2019 participants and presenters in front of GSES Seoul National University, Republic of Korea on 22 August 2019.

Delegate of ASPI members and board have participated to this 15th APSA Congress 2019, which was consisted of 20 participants from 8 planning schools.

The 15th APSA Congress also has decided the next 16th APSA Congress in 2021 will be held in Bali and hosted by ASPI University members.

ASPI delegation at 15th APSA Congress 2019 in Seoul National University, South Korea.
The host of next 16th APSA Congress 2021 has been transferred to ASPI that will be held in Bali, Indonesia.